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Craftiness Abounds

on September 2, 2005

Since I've been reading Yarn Harlot
I have been dying to try some lace knitting.  Except, the lace
knitting that ye old Harlot does is much too crazy, much too advanced
for me to even think about attempting…  and the reading of the
charts???  I really don't get the reading of the charts. 
What does it mean when there's no stitch?  No stitch?  But
there's a stitch right there!!


So…  with this

(((400 metres)))

I am going to be making this.

I know, I know…  it calls for almost 800 metres…  fully
twice as much as what I have.  BUT!  A PLAN is what I
have!  I actually only cast on 61 stitches instead of the required
85.  And, while discussing the PLAN with my good friend Allyson,
we decided that I can always add something onto either end to make it
longer if I need to.  I have now done one row of the
pattern.  Not good.  The knitting in the back loops is
determined to kill me.  Anyone know any knitting in the backloops
tricks???  Something??  Anything?

I also finished my sister Ashley's birthday present… hopefully to be
delivered this weekend… early, but I just can't wait to give it to
her!  And I started my sister Becky's birthday present. 
She's a stinker though, I have her name for Christmas so she gets two
this year.

I am so glad that the leaves are starting to turn on the trees. 
It means that fall, glorious fall is just around the corner!  In
fact, in a personal objection to summer, I have not been shaving my
legs and have been wearing pants the last few days.  So, fall
projects abound!!


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