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Dancing the weekend away…

on June 28, 2005

So, this was me Friday night…

Okay, not really!  Maybe more so like this…

Ballet is over for the summer, and we finished it off with a recital and a party afterwards.  My class had six people in it, and our routine was about a minute and a half.  Months of preparation for a minute and a half.  And I forgot to take my watch off.  sigh.  Remembered to take my glasses off, and all my other jewellery but forgot to take my watch off.

Our bit was called “Lengthening Shadows”.  It was very classic ballet, which I am thankful for, I'm not too into that nasty new agey type stuff… just not for me.

Then we were off to Janis' house for a swim, a couple of glasses of wine, and a soak in the hot tub.  Hey, if we can do that part again next year, I might consider being in the recital after all!

On Saturday, we were off to Port Hope for the wedding of friends of ours.  It was beautiful.  Had a good time, good food, good chats, and man, that bride sure was gorgeous!  Oh, I guess the groom looked okay too…  I wonder why we never say the groom looked good?  maybe because they didn't spend a couple of thousand dollars on a wedding dress?  Could be… could be…

Then Sunday was a surprise birthday party for the Pastor of our church.  I'm so thankful for my sista being here to watch the kids through all of this!

Yesterday, we caught up on laundry and housework, and the kidlets spent a lot of time in time out. 

That's about it.  Nothing on the crafty front of late, although Michael's opens today! 

And thus ends one of the most boring posts in the history of posting.


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