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But where does she get it from??

on June 17, 2005

This morning, mid-breakfast eating, Keyzia announced that she had to go pee.  Which was fine.  I pulled her out, sent her upstairs to do a little piddle, and she hollers down that we need more toilet paper.

Also fine.  Up I go, deliver the toilet paper, and help her re-pajama.  She's wearing these one piece pink fuzzy jobbies today. 

Now, breakfast is almost finished, and then she was going to get dressed.  I figured, why do up the buttons on the pj's when she's just going to get dressed in a few minutes?

“Keyz, let's just leave your jammies like this.  You're going to get dressed soon anyways.”

“No, Momma, they need to be snapped up!”

“Where do you get your analness from anyways?”

“From daddy!”

((hysterical laughter on my part!!))

“Ope, you missed one momma!”  ((yes, I admit it, I tried to cheat and only do up a couple of them, but the little stinker kept checking on me!!))

“There, see momma!  Now I'm just as cozy as Ephraim!”

Well now, who can argue with that really?


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