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A storm of life.

on May 23, 2005

This was emailed to me just the other day, and I couldn't think of a more apt way of putting those things that seem to ravage your life…

in the past two weeks we have entered another “storm” of life.  You know how they are, they come when you least expect and they sometimes stay longer than we would like for them to.  They rip and peel across our land and move on, only to leave us with bits and pieces to pick up and put back together.  I am thankful that Jesus is my stronghold and my Rock.

I too am thankful that while those storms whirl around me, I stand on the Rock.  My feet are on solid ground.  Otherwise, it's very hard to pick up those pieces.  Standing on the Rock, I have a firm base to pick up those pieces, and Jesus the carpenter will hammer them back together.


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