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When I get in a slump…

on May 12, 2005

I REALLY get in a slump.

Hence, no posting. 

I've been taking a bit of a break.  Not intentionally or anything, but I'm really feeling God pulling on me.  I need to put more focus on Him, but I haven't been, and I have been suffering because of it.  My prayer life has been lacking, my study time has been lacking, and then my mood is not so good either.  I just needed some tough love in order to get back into it, I think.

Anyways, mother's day turned out pretty good.  Well, I wasn't cleaning up diarrhea and puke like I was on my birthday, so that's an added bonus.  Ja got me five balls of Red Heart's Cozy Wool with strict directions to make myself something with it…  I don't know if I can handle that!  I haven't made myself something in a long time!!

Right now Ephraim is in time out.  He's been there for about ten minutes now, because every time I tell him he can come out to say sorry to his sister, he says, “Nnno!”  So there he sits.  Man, I thought that Keyz was strong willed, but the boy… the boy…  The sad thing is that I picked this battle, and now I have to win it.  Stinking kids.  Can't we all just live in peace and harmony???


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