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Day four

on May 3, 2005

And thank goodness I have a three year old who can make me laugh hysterically.

Ephraim is on day four of being sick.  Day four of whining, of constantly saying, “mommmaa, mommaaa” for no apparent reason other than to drive me to drink.  Did I mention that there is a liquor store within walking distance of the new house???  DID I???

We took him to the doctor yesterday, all the poop and the puke were starting to make me really worry.  Plus all the laying around and crying, and did I mention all the puke and poo that was going on?? 

So, took him to the dr, got sent for x-rays, told to give him immodium for the poo, bring him back if he doesn't start to get better.  blah blah blah.  The dr didn't prescribe me anything either, unfortunately.

Anyways, I digress…  I do have to apologize, I am very very tired.  I mean, very tired.  Ja and I went to bed last night at 9:00.  Yup.  I don't even think it was totally dark out yet.  And, we went to bed so that we could sleep.  Sleep is good.

Okay, back on track… really…

So, after a serious bout of wanting to flush myself down the toilet, banishing Ephraim to his crib, feeling sorry for him and bringing him downstairs, tucking him on the couch so that he looked all sweet like this,

Keyzia came singing down the stairs like this,

asking me if I would help her put her pants on and giggling like crazy.  She is a clown in the truest form. 

The poor thing though, she's been severely neglected during these past few days.  She'll do something crazy just to get our attention.  Like sing a song, do a little dance, or just run up and give hugs and kisses…  I think my darling girl has a sixth sense as to when I am just about to lose it, my head exploding and leaving what would probably be a small mess all over the floor.

Keep it coming, doodle-bear…  you're the only thing making me smile these days!


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