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oh yah, it's green

on April 14, 2005

And I love it.  Love love love it.  I just might move into it just so I can be surrounded by all that delicious green-ness…

We're painting the hall today!  And, take some kind of wild guess as to what colour we're painting it???  Green!  The prettiest springiest green in the world.  It's called yellow lettuce, but it's green.  A bit reminiscent of a granny apple green, but lighter.  It's bee-yoo-te-ful.

I tell ya, this place is really starting to feel like home.  I was talking with my girlie friend Jen today about how weird that is.  I never felt like any of our apartments were truly “home”.  It's a bit hard to explain…  I liked ((most)) of those places, but they were never really mine.  And even though we're still renting here, it really feels like it's mine.  I am at home here.  I look around my living room and I am so happy.  My kitchen is warm and welcoming.  The hallway is inviting.  It's really great.  Even our teeny patch of land in the back is great.  With a sandbox.

I feel like God has given us so much.  So much that we don't deserve, and yet He still keeps piling on the blessings!  I can't be thankful enough.  I couldn't even begin to list my blessings, and those would be just the ones that I know about.

Ahhh yes, life is good.

and I have a green hall!


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