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crazy… from two to three

on March 28, 2005

My beautiful daughter will be three years old tomorrow.  Yup.  Three.  Do you know what that means?  That means that I only have one more year before she goes to school.  One more year to fill her full of so much good stuff and good knowledge that anything not quite right she may learn in school will simply be pushed aside.

She has such attitude that I know she'll get through.  She has such a solid childish faith that I hope and pray she holds onto for her whole life.  She is so sure of herself, so thoughtful at times, that it makes her seem older than she is.  And three years old is plenty old enough for me.  I love that I learn from her as much as I teach her.  She is her own person, unique, beautiful, special, and such a force of her own.  She is going to make her stamp on this world, and the world will know it.

At the brink of age three, she is also tempered by sensitivity.  When her brother hurts, she has to hug him…  even when she's been the cause of that hurt!  She is always asking me how I'm doing.  How it's going.  Telling me my sweater is nice.  Or that she likes my red scarf.  She is a flurry of compliments that oddly make me, even in my adulthood, feel validated. 

When she curls up in your lap, cuddles her puppy close, rubs your cheek and says, “I love you momma,”  it will just about break my heart every time.  When Ephraim was sick, she made sure to sit right beside him, and would keep on asking him if he was feeling better.  She is a daddy's girl when he's home, and is constantly trying to show him something new that she can do. 

She is a determined little thing.  She will keep at something until she gets it, although she doesn't mind complaining about it either…  right now she hates to go to the bathroom by herself.  Instead she likes it to be a social time.  She sticks pretty close to me unless she's getting herself dressed…  then she disappears until she's ready…  only to come skipping into the room proud of her accomplishment…  backward pants and all.  She's turning into a real girlie girl too.  Loves the nail polish, and the “princess” dress.  Her favourite colour she says is blue, and everything except her clothes has to be blue.  She loves her Strawberry Shortcake striped pants, and I have to hide them in the laundry so that she'll wear something else.

My little Keyzia promised me the other day that she would always be my “little big girl” if I would always be her Momma. 

Keyz, you are my little big girl, and I am thrilled and blessed to be your momma.  I love having the privilege of watching you grow, watching you learn, watching you develop into this dynamic creature that you are.  You are a joy.  You are a pleasure.  I love your joy in life, and I love that you are teaching me that joy again with everything that we do.

God bless you, my beautiful three year old girl.


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