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Even the little things…

on March 21, 2005

 God is amazing. He is truly awesome.

This is such a little thing that He has done, and that He has made an easy thing to fix….

You all know that we moved recently. That we had to supply our own fridge and stove, washer and dryer. Well, God provided all those things, (for free!!) but the dryer didn't work. No big deal, it was just annoying to hang clothes all over the houseit takes them so long to dry that way! And, no matter how much fabric softener I used, they were still kind of stiff

But, I digress. So, it turns out that my parents had a dryer they hadn't used in a long long time, and they said we could have it. The only problem was going to be getting it to us. They live a little over an hour away, and you kind of need a truck to bring up a dryer.

They babysat for us this weekend, and dad said that their dryer was toast. I guess the barrel had seized from sitting for so long. It totally wasn't going to work anymore. He popped out the motor, but he wasn't very hopeful. The dryer they had, he said, wasold and not easy to find parts for.” He's pretty handy, so he was thinking he might even be able to rig up the motor on the outside of the dryer we had. Just something

So, he goes downstairs, pops the dryer back up (it had been laying on its front since we had figured out it didn't work), and, IT IS THE EXACT SAME DRYER. Yuppers. He said it took him something like ten minutes to pop this motor in and get it vented and working!

Sorry about the long story here, but it just amazes me. I totally wasn't worried about it. I was thankful to have a washing machine finally, and I just kind of figured that the dryer would come eventuallyBut, our everlastingly faithful and wonderful God made it such an easy thing to fix.

Such a small problem, and yet He took care of it!


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