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Things I Love and that Annoy about my New House

on March 9, 2005

Things I Love

  • How bright and cheerful the main floor is.  Can't wait to paint that hallway.
  • The basement and how I can banish anything I want to down there.  Even Ja.
  • There is no wagon in my bedroom.
  • When I walk out the front door, I am walking outside.
  • You can tell the weather by looking out the window.
  • There's a great tree outside our bedroom window.
  • The kids have their own rooms and are napping better.
  • I have a big kitchen.
  • Thus far, the neighbours are friendly and quiet.
  • Not caring what people think if I sit in my pj's all day.
  • We can wave at Ja as he goes to work which makes Ephraim laugh hysterically.


Things that Annoy

  • There are many many stairs…  especially when you forget what you went up or down for…  five times in a row.
  • The floors.  Frankly, the floors suck.  Hugely.
  • If I want to sit around in my pj's all day, I have to either leave the blinds down, or not care what people walking by think.
  • The little girl next door who keeps ringing the doorbell and asking if we can come out and play…  continually….  several times a day…
  • The kids have their own rooms and aren't sleeping well at night.
  • The parking lot sucks.  No, seriously.

But, all in all, it's a pretty decent place, thus far…  if only I could find the motivation to unpack…


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