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packing, packing, packing…

on February 16, 2005

Why is change so bittersweet?

Ja and I have been doing some work to get the apartment ship shape, and it's really quite sad.  This place has been really good to us.  Jack and Ruby, the building managers, have been amazing.  While we are excited to be going into a new house, we're really sad to be leaving this place.

So, here's some of the progress that we've made….

This is the pile of boxes that we have at the moment…  kind of jammed in the corner behind my knitting chair.

The boxes are taking over the house!  There is now also a stack behind the couch…  Keeping the kidlets off of them is becoming a bit of a problem….

We also took down the bugs from the kids' room tonight…  now THAT is sad.  ((remember those bugs, Amanda???))

Here's the wall of the room before…

How cute, I know…  We had drawn them all on cardstock, coloured them with crayons, and then cut mack tack out a bit bigger than the shape was, slapped them on the wall, and voila!  The beauty part?  They peeled right off without damaging the wall or the paint.  wahoo!!  I don't know if we'll be able to or want to use them again…  But they'll definitely go in the scrapbook.

Here's a close up of one of a couple of bugs…

It's funny how depressingly empty this place is starting to look.  The hominess that I was working for has all but disappeared.  Especially in the kids room.

It's so empty and hollow sounding in there with the shelves down…  I'm surprised the kids aren't more freaked out about it!  I actually think it's Ja and I who are the ones freaking out!

This old apartment has so many memories.  While it's great that we're moving into a bigger place, we're still a bit sad about leaving this one behind.  It's funny how now that the end is near, all the things that annoy us about this place have become 'quaint'.


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