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Kids music that doesn't make you want to shoot someone…

on February 9, 2005

I moseyed into Music World yesterday to try and get a kids cd with a gift certificate we had.

Our children, especially our beautiful intelligent daughter, watches way too much tv.  I keep telling her that in the new house, we aren't going to have a tv at all!  But, I digress…  She does enjoy music, and we have a couple of kids cds, but only a couple that I can stand to listen to.

Little People Music?  Yes, you would think it would be good.  I mean, the Little People toys are great, right?  Wrong.  Well, right the toys are great, wrong about the music.  This music will actually drive sensible human beings to find an axe and chop either the thing that the horrible sound is coming out of into little bits, or to chop the person who thought you should listen to it to little bits.  Actually, listen is even a bad term.  I don't think that what happens to your ears when this stuff is coming out of the speakers can even be called listening!

Sharon Lois and Bram aren't too bad.  The first ten times.  On the eleventh time?  You just wish that that skinnamarink would just go and &%$# itself.  But still, not too bad, and about a million times better than the evil Little People.  (I bet there are nasty messages imbedded in those Little People cd's…  there must be for the feelings of rage that they bring about in me….)

BUT, BUT!!  I have found the best kids music I have heard in a very long time.  It's not annoying, it's not obnoxious, it's silly enough that the kids love it, and the music is big band kind of jazzy.  Do you want to know what it is?  You do?  Well…  it's…  JOHN LITHGOW!!! (Okay, you have to click on the link, then you'll be able to hear samples!!!)  Yes, that loveable alien has put out not only children's books but a CD as well.  And I LOVE it.  The Cd we got is called “Singin' in the Bathtub”, and it's jazzy upbeat music keeps us dancing and singing the whole time.

Now, I did hear some of John Lithgow before, but not all of it.  And the quality of the downloaded songs I did have once upon a time wasn't great.

I'm loving “You Gotta have skin” Skin's the thing that if you got it outside, It helps keep your insides in.  Fabulous.  Crazy songs like “From the Indes to the Andes in his Undies” He didn't eat a thing but Chocolate Sundays, 'Twas a very, very daring thing to do! And the lesson like song “Big Kids”.  Great stuff, I tell ya.

I think he has two cd's out right now, and I am dying to get the other one now.

It's going to take a while to get sick of this one!


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