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"There once was…"

on February 7, 2005

Keyzia is really into telling stories lately.  It's hilarious because her stories don't really have an ending…  or a beginning for that matter.  But hey, at least it keeps her awake in the van when we're on the way home from Zellers!

Keyzia's Story (just one variation)

Keyzia:  There once was a little girl named momma.  And she was out walking and there was a dragon!  The dragon ate momma up.  Then came a little girl named Keyzia and Keyzia told momma not to smack the dragon and the little girl named momma had to have a time out.  It's not nice to smack dragons.  Then a little boy named daddy had a timeout too.

Keyzia:  Then what happened?

me:  I don't know.  Then what happened?

Keyzia:  Well, the little boy named daddy was bad, so the dragon ate him.  And he couldn't get out of the dragon's tummy anymore so he had to stay there.  AND THEN a little boy named Ephraim came, and the dragon ate him too!  Then the little girl named Keyzia told everybody to say sorry.  The End.

Keyzia:  Did you like my story, Momma?

me:  I did!  It was a great story!

Keyzia:  Want me to tell you another story, Momma?

me:  sure!

Keyzia:  There once was a little girl named Momma, and then there was a dragon…


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