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Here we are again…

on February 6, 2005

(So, this post seems to have no
flow or continuity whatsoever…  read it if you want to, but
remember, I had very little sleep last night!

With the fever, and then the drugs, and then the fever, in a seemingly neverending cycle.

Ephraim woke up with a fever of about 102.  Even his little hands
were hot to the touch.  Poor little guy.  He was so hot, and
yet he just wanted to snuggle in with Ja and I when we put him in our

We doped him up with the tempera, 102 is a little bit high
for comfort, and then a few hours later, doped him up with
motrin.  But, every time the medication wears off, the fever seems
to come back.  And not just a low grade make him whiney fever, but
one of those scary high ones.

Even though he had a rough night,
he's in pretty good spirits today.  Only had one dose of Tempera
when he was really miserable this morning, and right now he's busy
destroying the place, so he seems almost back to normal.

Keyzia, though.  She gets so neglected when Ephraim is sick. 
Although, I suppose it's the same in the reverse as well…  I
kept Ephraim home from church today, but Keyzia went early with her dad
to have a treat at Tim Horton's before heading on to Sunday
school.  That gives her some one on one time with her daddy,
something she doesn't seem to get too terribly often.

I can just
imagine them, in Timmy's, he with his big hands around a large double
double, and her with her little hands around a carton of chocolate
milk.  Probably talking the entire time!  Man, that kid can
talk!  (no comments from the peanut gallery, if you please!)

left them with the James' boys on Thursday night so that we could go to
our care group.  They had sweetly offered to sit for us, and, they
did a WONDERFUL job.  Keyzia is still talking about her “new
friends” and all the stuff they did together.  We were a little
worried that the kidlets would play shy, but, as a true tribute to how
wonderful these boys are, all we got was a flippant wave and a
“bye!”  I mean, who needs parents around when you have two teenage
boys to build train tracks with you!!

But, I guess this is some
kind of rambling post…  we're packing… sort of…  Maybe
I should do a box count or something?  Everything seems to be set
for moving day.  Suckers
Volunteers, food (thanks, Bev!), appliances…  We go to sign the
lease at 9 AM on the 25th, and the place is ours!  It's so hard
waiting though.  I feel like we're in such a holding
pattern.  Can't start anything new, and trying to tidy up some old

But, only three weeks to go!  And new house here we come!


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