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reuse and pass on the wealth

on January 21, 2005

I find it fascinating to look at the handiwork of people who have
done things out of necessity, rather than simply out of want.  A
lot of these people have moved on and yet their handiwork stays behind,
and it says something about them.

I have a quilt.  It's a
handstitched quilt that my great grandmother, my father's grandmother
made that I inherited.  Unfortunately, I have to keep it packed
away, it is falling into terrible disrepair…  old enough that
some of the patches are disintegrating.  The quilt is
handstitched, but where the patches have come off or disappeared
entirely, you can see what was used to quilt it with…  a couple
of bleached pieces of flour sack.

Everything was used back then.  They didn't have to have rules like the three R's.  It was automatic.

was at my girlfriend Sharlene's today, and she had a giant knitted
snake in her basement.  She was showing me the hole that it had in
it, and we were talking about how it could be fixed…  What was
so interesting was that this snake, a snake that her Oma made for her
when she was very young, was stuffed with little bits of yarn. 
The entire thing was stuffed with pieces of yarn.  Longer pieces,
tiny pieces, the pieces that you get after you weave your ends through
and are virtually fuzz…  all of those things were packed into
this stuffed snake.

What a heritage that is!  To simply
think about all of those things that Sharlene's Oma lovingly made for
people, of all of those things, Sharlene has a tiny bit of them stuffed
into her snake. 

I would have never thought to save those
little pieces of yarn and wool.  I immediately toss them in the
garbage.  I feel like I have wasted so much by not considering the
other uses of those little odds and ends.  I too am going to try
and keep my wool ends from now on.  Maybe one day I can pass
something on to my grandchild that has been stuffed with bits and
pieces…  something made from bits and pieces that becomes whole
and beautiful.


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