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fridges and stoves, washers and driers, oh my!

on January 11, 2005

Well, God seems to be working overtime in our lives right now. 

I don't know if I've mentioned it to any of you, but we'll be moving into a townhouse soon.  A place where I WILL NOT HAVE A WAGON IN MY BEDROOM UNLESS I SO CHOOSE TO ADD A WAGON TO THE DECOR.  Anyway, we needed to supply a fridge and a stove for this new place, and, lo and behold, we have been supplied with a fridge and a stove!  A good friend of mine was at her uncle's place, and he happened to mention that he had a fridge and a stove to get rid of, and she happened to mention that a friend of hers needed a fridge and a stove, and voila!  we have a fridge and a stove!

In our new townhouse, there is also a hookup for a washer and dryer.  We weren't too stressing about getting some, didn't think we could afford it, and etc…  and yet, and yet, God really thought that if we had a house, we should certainly be able to get clean in said house.  Again, my good friend found us a washer and dryer!  Oh, what a good friend she is.  (((Rachel, I love you!!  You're the best!!  You can come and put things in my fridge, and cook on my stove and clean stuff in my washer and dry stuff in my dryer whenever you want to!!)))

So, our new townhouse will be nicely furnished with a fridge, a stove, a washer and a dryer.  And world peace will thus ensue.

When we move into our new house (February 25th), our children will behave, we will be organized, our food will be hot or cold, our laundry will be cleaned…  ahhh yes.  All good things will happen once we are moved.

Am I delusional, or what?


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