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Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow!!

on January 6, 2005

I love snow.  Well, I love it when it first falls and everything looks so shiny and new.  In my life BK, or Before Kidlets, I didn't even mind getting all bundled up to go outside and play in it…  or, getting all bundled up just to go to the car.

Now, however, the fiasco that is called “Getting the children dressed for the bitter outdoors” has ruined all lovely feelings about snow.  Actually, I take that back, because snow doesn't necessarily mean bitter bitter cold here in the great white north.  It is the cold that is the problem.  I might be the only person in the world who is praying for global warming to speed up.

First, there is the who do you get dressed first dilemma.  I mean, if I get both the kidlets dressed first, then they're dying from the heat while I get dressed.  For them, dying from the heat means laying on the floor screeching as if the hat, coat, snowpants and mittens are actually a skin eating bacteria that is killing them…  For me, dying from the heat means that I am incredibly impatient and not amused by random children running away or playing the “let's go limp as a cooked noodle game while momma pulls her hair out as she's trying to dress me!!”  Of course, this game is the most fun when we're running late for something.  Especially something important like a dr's appointment or a wedding.

Now, after bundling every one of us up to the eyeballs, gathering all the lovies, and waddling down hall, we usually have to wait, sweating some more, for the elevator to get here.  Because, there is now way that I will take the stairs with two kids and multiple bags that go with us everywhere..  isn't going to happen.  I think that they actually slow the elevators down in the winter.  Not nice at all.

The poor kidlets though.  Keyzia does okay this year.  But Ephraim…  He reminds me of Maggie from the Simpsons.  Remember the star snowsuit?  He waddles along, but if he falls over…  there is no way that he can get up by himself.

Thankfully, we have no plans to go anywhere today.  In fact, I think wrapping up in a blanket with a good book to read would be a fun thing to do today.  Maybe get the playdough out this afternoon…  have some more tea… 

Yes.  I am not leaving the apartment today!


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