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a naked day… finally.

on December 28, 2004

wow.  we have spent the last three days running hither and thither and yon.  it was crazy, i tell ya, crazy!!

Christmas day had us off to my parentals for dinner and presents, boxing day was the annual gigantic christmas party for ja's extended family, and yesterday, (which usually happens on the first) saw us in cobourg at ja's immediate family.  we are TIRED today!  i'm still in my pj's, ja's in his undies, and keyzia's been naked for most of the day.

it was fun, but way too much in way too short of a period of time.  it won't happen like this again next year, that's for sure!  at the very least because we are demanding that everyone come to us next year.

the leap pad is a fabulous hit with the doodle-girl, and our handsome boy has finally got over his paralyzing fear of the geo-trax.  although, i do think that ja might be enjoying it even more than the kidlets are….

i was spoiled rotten, as i should have been…  ja got me some beautiful gold sleeper ear-rings…  the gold won't even come off in the shower, and me ears will not turn green, and he got me the bottom half for my toolbox!!  i, actually, have a much better toolbox than most men i know! 

my parentals got me this crazy Rolodex Touch-Screen PDA.  it's pretty neat.  i can even hook it up to the computer and download stuff onto it.  i even added a dictionary to it!  how funny is that?  i haven't figured it out totally yet, but i sure am hopeful that it will help me remember things better.  i can set an alarm to remind me of stuff, put in addresses and phone number, has a lot of little gadgets.  very cool.

we just have a few more people we're hoping to see soon, my great aunt joyce, and then new year's eve is at my friend jen's place.  then we take down the tree and start packing!!  a new year definitely calls for a new place to live!


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