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urine is stinky

on December 15, 2004

and so is poop.  puke is also hard to scrub out of carpets.  when i have my own house, probably many many years in the future when banks no longer laugh hysterically when we ask for a mortgage, we are going to either have bamboo floors or cork floors.  because, of course, by the time we can afford to get our own house, we will easily be able to afford this kind of flooring!  and really, think of the money we would save in the long run in cleaning bills…

but, i digress.  back to the important thing.  the importance of all the poop, pee and puke being out of our carpets!

we've been in this apartment for just about three years now.  we had the carpets cleaned just before ephraim was born, which was also just before toilet training and just before the great poop cannon struck the house in 2003.  we have also since then just recently had the great diarrhea incident of 2004.

oh man, the poop that this tiny apartment has seen over the past few weeks.  ephraim has had a nasty case of diarrhea.  diarrhea that no diaper can hold.  and not just any kind of diarrhea either, but the worst smelling nastiest consistency of water stuff that you can imagine.  and yes, it got on and into the carpets. 

i bet you can imagine how beautiful my apartment has smelled over the last little while.

but, now, oh now…  the smell…  ahhhh…  it's lovely.  it's funny how you don't notice how bad something is until it's fixed!  and now, i have candles going to add to that lovely clean smell, and not just to override the smell of urine and feces.  the guy who did it (Kevco) was fabulous.  and cheap.  i'd recommend him to anyone.

yes.  the smell of clean and the smell of cranberry scented candles is definitely better than what this place used to smell like.

i wonder if i can get one of those cleaners to use on my children?


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