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something for me??? what am i thinking!

on November 18, 2004

i made myself something…  naughty, naughty me… 
especially since it's so close to christmas…  what was i
thinking!  this is made from red heart cozy wool in
cardinal.  what beautiful stuff to work with…  nice and
chunky, and it really shows stitch definition well.  the colour in
this pic looks a little orangey, but it's actually a nice vibrant rich
red colour. 

i did it using a braided cable pattern from knitty. and i just bracketed it with six stitches on each side of double seed stitch
i was a bit worried that the back of the scarf would be intolerably
ugly, but it really isn't too bad.  i think that the double seed
stitch makes it nicely tolerable.  i would post the pattern in its
entirety, but al has it now…

is supposed to be a close up of the stitching, but the lighting is
off…  and i don't really know how to fix it! 
aaaaaa!!!  help!

first when i was working on the pattern, i was just marking off my rows
on the piece of paper i had the pattern written on….  it was
sure making a mess of things, and not very fast either…  al
leant me her row counter (i'm thinking these will make some great gifts!)(thanks, manda!),
and all was hunky dory after that!  the only trick is to remember
which time you should be keeping your cable loops forward, and which
time they should be back.  i did find a neat way to cable without a cable needle,
but i found it a bit awkward…  so, instead i slipped my cable
stitches onto the needle, knit the next three, then slipped them from
the cable needle back onto my knitting needle.  kept the cable
nice and even.  (but, can you see the mistake??)

so, now
it's onto gramma's scarf, which i am still debating on…  not
sure what i'm going to do with it yet!  all the lace patterns i've
tried have way too much counting to work on when the kidlets are

darned kidlets, looking for attention when i'm trying to knit!  😉


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