Hooligan Zoo

Two Zookeepers… many Hooligans… It's always feeding time at this zoo!


on November 11, 2004

my daughter is much too precocious. 

anyone out there
who has kids, or who knows people who have kids, or who know that kids
exist, know that it's a bad thing when your children are out of your
sight and are quiet.  silent even.  this is not good. 

good parent will get up and go to see what their child is doing. 
bad parents, like me, simply get worried and holler, “keyzia, what are
you guys doing?” 

now, most children, the average child,
the child who doesn't want their parents to come and see what horrid
thing they have done or are doing will yell back, “nothing!” 
and then the parent goes to see that nothing really means they have cut
their little brothers hair and drawn makeup on his face with permanent
marker the day before family pictures.

not my child, my child leaves all possibilities open.  when i ask what she's doing she quite calmly responds, “ANYTHING.”  and when asked again, “I'M DOING ANYTHING, MOMMA.”

really do think that this is quite a good response.  i mean,
nothing means nothing, but anything could be anything.  and
really, it isn't usually that she's doing nothing but that she's doing anything.  although, usually the anything that she's doing is nothing good.


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