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in sickness and in health… but especially in sickness.

on November 9, 2004

yes.  that's right.  the sickness has descended upon the wolters' household once again.  ephraim this time.  i think it's been about…  seven days since i had any real sleep.  the past few days, and off and on last week he's had a fever and been coughing.  now, the cough and the runny nose don't really worry me too much.  it's kind of that time of year.  but, the fever that just won't quit is quite worrisome.  especially when he's content to cuddle his hot little face into my neck and just stay there… 

so, sunday and yesterday i've kept him pretty much continuously doped up with tempera and infant motrin.  packed him full of juice to keep him hydrated, and cuddled like crazy.  he was cooler as long as the drugs were kicked in, but as soon as the started to wear off the fever would spike again.

and being awake at night.  once an hour after midnight.  sure, sleep straight through til midnight and then be up once an hour.  not nice for momma, that's for sure. 

but, by the grace of God, this morning he woke up and he was cool to the touch!  he was actually cool!  i'm so glad.  now, my little boy is back to tearing the place apart…  but, i kind of miss the cuddles.


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