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"don't touch that! oh… wait…"

on November 6, 2004

ja and i went shopping today.  WITH. OUT. ANY. CHILDREN.  i know, i can hardly believe it myself.  it was so weird, i kept thinking i had to smack someone's hand, but there was only ja!  and he hardly whined at all!

so, what were ja and i doing on this gloriously free from the children couple of hours?  we were shoe shopping for me, winter coat shopping for him.  i am just about desperate for a new pair of shoes.  the pair of shoes that i currently have been wearing cause my baby toe to convulse when i put them on…  not so good when you're heading off to the park for the day.

now, this shoe thing has been a huge dilemma for me.  do i cheap out, (again) and have to replace a pair of shoes next season?  or do i just go wild and get the ones that i really like?  can i say here how much i love my husband??  i dragged him everywhere today, found nothing that i liked, and ended up back where we started.  and, all along he kept telling me to get these expensive ones!  now, i don't know if that's because he was tired of me dragging him into every shoe store in the city, or if it's because he really liked them.  so, he made me order them in a size 10…  we'll be trying them on on tuesday.

it's funny though, just a couple of years ago, i wouldn't have really thought twice about buying these shoes…  but now…  it's a bit of a process i've had to work through.  there's a huge guilt factor about buying myself new shoes.  it's really weird, cause i definitely love shoes.  but, i am getting new shoes, and i hereby declare that i will feel guilty no longer.

unfortunately, we didn't find any winter coats in the right size.  the zipper in ja's old coat is completely shot, and after borrowing len's coat last season, we kind of think it's time he had his own.  poor len almost froze last year!  😉

on another up note, i got some red heart cozy wool to make myself something…  gotta get back in the creating groove…  and i am making something similar to this, although mine is, of course, a bit different.  i ADORE this wool!  it is so nice to work with, and not too badly priced for something with wool content.  another nice thing?  because it's a super bulk, it works up really quickly.  i can't wait until it's finished and it's cold enough to wear it.  the colour i got is cardinal, and man is it ever a rich red.  beautiful.

so, i guess, all in all it's been a successful day…  got away from the kidlets…  spent some time with the hubby….  ate mexican mash for dinner…  pocahontas is on tv tonight….  ahh yes, it is a good day.


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