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audio blog??? what's up with that?

on November 4, 2004

i would like to know what is up with this audioblog craziness?

i am an admitted lay person in the world of computers.  even in the world of blogging, i can post and slightly manipulate my blog, but only as far as it will allow me.  but, i do know why i blog, and why i read other people's blogs…  the key there being read.

ross has recently started blogging so that you can hear it….  and to me, that's just weird.  and time consuming.  to be quite frank, i can't be bothered to listen to it.

i read blogs because i'm a busy mom.  and, i can't focus on anything audio with them hollering and playing in the background.  when i read, i can, to a certain extent, block them out.  unfortunately, with this audioblog stuff, i am not able to do that.

so, if you're looking for me to do some audioblogging, it really just isn't going to happen….  now, if i could have it translated somehow into writing…  that might be a possibility.


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