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exchanges with ephraim

on October 22, 2004

my son.  my darling angel son.  okay, okay, so he was NEVER really an angel…  what with the incessant screaming and all…  but, my son has started talking.  he has figured out that when he says, “mo” we will shovel more of whatever we have been eating into his open mouth.  when he says, “booobbbbbblllleeeee”  in that pitiful little “how could you deny me anything that i wanted,” voice, then he gets a bottle or a cup.  he has also added, “zia” “buppy” (puppy) and a few others to his list.  he'll actually try to say just about anything!

so, all of this has resulted in the need to add a new category.  much like konversation with keyzia, we now have ephraim's exchanges where i can record all of the wonderful things i am learning from my youngest child.


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