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golden leaves, a radiant bride, and me with pneumonia.

on October 20, 2004

natalie and michel got themselves all married up on saturday afternoon
in this pretty little church in apple hill.  (i tried to find a
link for apple hill, but it is much much too small!  it's kind of
close to cornwall…)  i didn't trip when i walked down the aisle,
and while i got teary, natalie dropping mike's wedding ring certainly
helped to lighten things up!  (thanks, nat!)

we left here thursday night, and after some slight detours… 
there was an accident on highway 7, we were well on our way.  just
outside of perth keyzia said, “mooommmmaaa!  i have to go
pooooooo!!!”  which was actually fine, because, as i said, we were
just outside of perth.  we pulled into the good old tim horton's
there in perth, and i took keyzia to the bathroom.

keyzia:  NO!  I DON'T HAVE TO GO POO!
momma:  honey, it's a long long ride to get auntie jessie, you need to go poo on the toilet.
momma:  if you don't go now, then momma's going to put a diaper on you.
(try to force her to sit on the toilet…  much struggling, more wailing, finally give up.)
keyzia:  i'll wear a diaper.

she didn't actually go until more than three hours later.  she
even held it when we were at nat's house for more than an hour. 
poor kid.  why don't places like that make toilets for little
kids?  at least make them have a solid seat on them?  to the
little ones, i bet it looks as if the toilet is going to eat
them…  and, another rant about that tim horton's in perth is
that there is no baby change station!!  the damn place is right on
highway 7, right on the way to ottawa, and the only way to change your
baby is to try and balance him on the edge of the tiny sink.  next
time, NEXT TIME, i will be changing my baby on the counter!!! 

but, i digress… 

we got to natalie's house about an hour and a half behind
schedule.  big surprise there.  and we promptly took over the
entire house.  natalie used to live with us, so i'm sure she had
an idea of what was going to happen when she volunteered her place for
us to stay in.  mike, however, was another story.  the 
poor guy got up at 4:40 in the morning and didn't come back!  we
scared him out of his own home! 

friday morning nat was very nat-ish…  flitting around, panicky,
telling us all what to do…  all what we expected.  i mean,
it was her weekend after all.  we went and got our nails
done…  that was crazy!  then i went and had to get them
re-done with the other bridesmaids.  dash around like crazy, buy
some milk, dash back to nat's house, eat some dinner, and dash off to
the rehearsal. 

we decorated the church, practiced a little, ja got to be the maid of
honour for one of the run-throughs…  good thing rachel came back
though, i don't think her dress would have fit him!  some
craziness happened that i still don't really get, with one of the
priests thinking the other priest had done something and vice
versa…  ((i'll leave that for nat to explain in the
comments.))  and then we were off to nat's mom's for more goodies
and socializing!

oh the goodies this weekend!  the goodies, the goodies, the
goodies!  i think we may have been eating every hour.  on the
hour.  hourly.  back on the diet tomorrow, right?

saturday dawned mighty early with the giggles of the kidlets from the
next room.  then off to the hairdressers, makeup, and finally
getting dressed…  the day just seemed to blur by. 

natalie was absolutely beautiful.  gorgeous.  she had that
glow around her that said that she was so happy…  and, man was
she calm!  she was so un-nat!  it just was what it
was…  it was like someone had drugged her or something! 
maybe rachel?  rachel?  did you drug the poor bride? 
the pictures were taken outside in the pneumonia inducing cold, (hey, i
have to complain about something, don't i???), and as long as the
goosebumps don't show, the gold leaves in the background are just going
to make those wedding pictures pop.  all of the pictures were
taken outside except for a few of only the bride and groom.  at
least they won't get pneumonia on their honeymoon!

the only hitch was that nat dropped mike's wedding ring.  right in
the middle of the ceremony.  what was especially funny was that
the night before at the rehearsal, the priest had told mike not to drop

the reception was much fun.  more good food, yummy wine (i had
four glasses!  FOUR!) and some great dancing.  we finally
toddled back to nat's place around 12:30 or so….  half an hour

alas, no one told the kidlets that when momma and daddy are out late
they should sleep in, so they were up at their usual time of around
7.  giggling, tee-heeing, and nice wife that i am, i let the old
hubby sleep in for an extra couple of hours.

then, off to nat's mom's again for an after the party type
party….  more food, more socializing, although it was much more
low key.  you'd think that everyone was out partying the night
before or something!  we headed out at about 4:30-5 o'clock for
our nice long almost five hour drive home.  good thing i napped
between monkland and ottawa!  or ja would have been doing all of
the driving!

we finally made it home sunday night around 9:30 or so, and the kidlets
were ecstatic to be home.  the handsome tore around like a madman
for a good 45 minutes, and was giggling in his crib for at least
another hour after that.

while tiring, it really was a fun weekend.  it was great that i
had so much fun with the other girls in the wedding party…. 
rachel is just as crazy as i am!  and ginette is an absolute
doll.  i hope that we can all keep in touch.  we had a lot of
fun getting our nails done together and all of the myriad other things
that we did.  making fun of nat, mass bathroom trips….  the
usual….  nat's dress up over her head, having to have someone
else pull down her underwear for her…  all bonding moments in
the life of a bridesmaid.

so now, i guess they'll all have to start working on babies!  mary needs more parties to plan!!


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