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thanks… i think…

on October 12, 2004

husbands are nuts.  yes, crazy, whacko, lost it, nutsoid… 

we had an insanely busy weekend.  saturday in waterloo, sunday, first church and then cobourg for more turkey.  so, yesterday was our stay at home day.  our catch up on some housework day.  our spend time as a family day. 

we took the kids to the park in the AM, ja had a headache.  so we came home.  he had a headache before we left too, but usually refuses to take anything for it. 

then, naps all around.  then, waking up the husband who is more crabby than when we laid down.  then dawdling, i was kind of cleaning the kitchen, made dinner (man, i HATE rice!!), he showered the kidlets which was awesome and i put them to bed while he ran out for milk.

more dawdling.  more looking at stupid 20 year old physics text books that he will probably never look at again that his dad gave him simply to get them out of his house.  (and yes, i know that that is a run-on sentence!!)

finally i asked him to either take out the air conditioner or to start on the recycling.  both of these things were goals for us to get done yesterday.  and, we wanted to go to bed at a decent time, say around 10ish… 

he finally came to bed after midnight.  and now this morning he's cranky with me because, and i do admit, i am assuming this, because he is tired, because he is blaming me for making him do something last night.  sigh.

anyways, now i'm crabby because he's crabby, and at this very moment in time i'm very glad that he's at work and not here.


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