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nothing at all

on October 4, 2004

i went away this weekend and did nothing at all.  and it's really true, i did very little.  my girlfriend connie kidnapped me and took me and two other girls up to her parents beautiful log cabin in bancroft.  we went up friday night and came home yesterday evening…  my goal while i was away?  to do nothing at all!!

on saturday none of us got dressed.  we lazed around in front of the fireplace, watched movies, and did crafty type things.  knitting, crocheting…  the other two ladies did some sewing…  and, we did not have to make sure the scissors were up high…  we did not have to put our crafts away when we went to bed…  we could watch whatever we wanted to…

it was a lovely weekend of renewal for me.  i reconnected with myself.  i remembered that i am a person as well as a momma, a separate entity from my kidlets and hubby.

i had a great time and it was even better to come home.  it was so nice to be missed!  and, ja did a wonderful job with the kids.  he was so great, the apartment was not written off, the kids were clean and dressed, he even took them to wendy's by himself for dinner last night!  he did great!  although, he did tell me last night before bed that i was never allowed to leave again!

i will be a better wife and momma for having gotten away.


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