Hooligan Zoo

Two Zookeepers… many Hooligans… It's always feeding time at this zoo!

was it a conspiracy?

on September 20, 2004

perhaps a kidnapping? 

you all must remember this post…  and this one…  and this one

well, this morning i was sitting on the edge of my bed, folding some clothes, chatting with russell, and ephraim comes toddling around, bottle hanging out of his mouth, and MY GLASSES IN HIS HANDS!!!  can i just say here that i tore that room apart.  and i mean TORE IT APART.  i moved furniture, i moved everything, shook everything, looked in drawers, looked everywhere!  and i did not find them.  he's playing for 5 seconds and finds my glasses??  and i don't even know where he got them from!!  did i mention that i looked everywhere for them?  even underneath the heaters?

i think when he and the beast were playing in their room this morning they may have had a conversation like this…

keyzia:  so, do you think we've made mom crazy enough by hiding her glasses?

ephraim:  well, it has been three weeks now…

keyzia:  it was pretty funny the way she went nuts looking for them, wasn't it?

ephraim:  yah, and the hysterical crying and screaming was quite entertaining too!

keyzia:  okay, you take them back, you're smaller, she won't blame you!

ephraim:  sounds good to me…  hey, what are we going to hide next?


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