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i didn't sweat when i was a kid

on September 15, 2004

but boy did i sweat last night!  ballet seemed much easier when i was younger than it did last night, but i take solace in the fact that i didn't suck any more or any less than anyone else in the class!

it was fun!  it's funny how easily the terms came back to me.  i knew the names of most movements…  although getting my body to do what my head told it to do was another story entirely…  the teacher was great.  gently correcting form, but not too terribly worried about the steps at the moment.

i definitely have to work on the left side.  i couldn't seem to get the left side to do what it was supposed to do!  i'd finally get the hang of the right side, and then we would switch.

i got there quite a bit earlier than i needed to, and i was watching the little grade five girls do their class.  they were so cute!!  it sure brought back some memories…  some of the exercises that they were doing.  did i look like that in grade five?  probably.  only a little more awkward.  i was all arms and legs, skinny as a rail.

but, i think that doing this was a good thing.  while i'm a bit sore today, and will probably be more sore tomorrow, i had a great time.  it was hard work, but good work.  i can't wait until next week!


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