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froggin froggin…

on August 17, 2004

so, i frogged my poncho
alas, it was not going well.  the part where i was putting the
cable kept curling, and it was just kinda…  well…

however, i am still addicted to ponchos!! 
i've bookmarked a lot of links…  (will add to the sidebar
shortly) and i am determined!!  with the wool that i was using for
poor frogged poncho i'm trying an open knitted stitch… 
not sure if i like it yet though.  it's maybe a little too
open?  hmmm…  the appeal is that it sure is quick!! 
my plan is to make two identical rectangles…  or maybe one in a
different colour and then put them together like this (scroll
down for the diagram).  hmmm, is there a limit to how often you
can frog something?  i'll have to look into that.

so, the search for the perfect poncho pattern goes on. 
i'm trying this rectangle pattern with a neat crochet stitch too. 
perhaps a gift for someone?  we shall see…  we shall see…


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