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playground etiquette

on August 13, 2004

i am so angry.  annoyed.  ticked off.  etc, etc… 

a girlfriend of mine came over today to see the kids and we took them up to the fabulous playground at the zoo here.  they were having a grand old time, tearing around and then keyzia and i ended up at the top of a swirly slide with another little girl who was about the same age.  the beastie went down slide, and i let the other little one go down, then i leaned over the side to make sure everyone was out of the way before i was going to go down and join up with the beastie again.   the other little girls mom was at the bottom as well.  then keyzia started crying, hurt crying, and the mom said to the other little girl, “oh let's go over here,” and left really fast.

so, here i am, speeding it down to my hurt and crying daughter who this other woman had just left there on the ground, and i have no idea what happened, keyzia is crying too hard to tell me what even hurts… and this other woman keeps looking over at us from the other side of the playground but not telling me anything.

sure, her kid may have pushed my kid, my kid may have fell and bumped her head, she may have gotten whacked, whatever.  kids will be kids.  if it hadn't have been her kid doing something to my kid, i'm sure my kid would have done something to someone else's kid.  the point is that she said nothing to me.  and she obviously knew what happened.  even if her kid had nothing to do with it, she still could have said, “oh she tripped.”  or something like that.  it just burns me up that she left my crying child sitting there, and me trying to comfort her with no idea of what happened.  the fact is that my daughter was hurt and crying, i didn't see what happened, and even though she did see what happened, she still didn't tell me.

parents know that kids get hurt at playgrounds.  we need to be able to count on one another, even as strangers, to help each other out when the need arises.  no one person can be everywhere at once.

so, people, parents, caregivers, please remember your playground etiquette!


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