Hooligan Zoo

Two Zookeepers… many Hooligans… It's always feeding time at this zoo!

nostalgia? or nausea??

on August 5, 2004

isn't it interesting how those two words sound very very similar? 

i saw a woman breastfeeding when we took the kids to the zoo on the weekend, and i had a brief moment of nostalgia…  luckily it was brief…  it quickly turned into nausea!!

ephraim is walking now.  officially.  he walks more than he crawls.  he's only a few weeks off of his first birthday.  leaving babyhood, entering toddlerhood… 

it's kind of funny, with keyzia, we were always so anxious for her to make each new milestone, it was such a joy to see her conquer each one.  with ephraim, the joy is tempered with a sadness.  that he is growing up and that we are losing the baby that he was.  that is not to say that we aren't happy with him growing up, it would just be nice if he would take his time a little bit!

keyzia is tearing around here, having grown up conversations, telling us stories….  she is such a little lady.  even though she's naked most of the time.  she plays nicely (most of the time) with her brother, and he adores her to pieces.  wants to do everything that she does, only in a destructive bashing it against the wall kind of way.

they are so different the two of them.  keyzia is a thinker.  ephraim is a doer.  he doesn't think before he leaps in to do things.  like jumping from the footstool to the rocking chair.  keyzia will line it up, balance on the top, see if she can make it, ephraim will just go.  i think that i probably have thirty heart stopping moments a day when it comes to him!

but, would i trade it?  would i give the two of them away for less needy, more quiet children?  not for a minute.  God gave them to me to shake me up, to bring me closer to Him.  and, since i've had children, i sometimes wonder how frustrated that God must get with me.  do i listen to Him the first time?  no.  do i take his advice?  no.  do i believe Him when he tells me that a choice i'm making may harm me in some way?  no.  the same with my children.  they don't listen to me, don't believe that when i tell them balancing on the edge of the couch is probably going to make them fall off…  but, when they do fall off, i pick them up, kiss them, cuddle them and tell them i love them.  i will always love them.  in spite of their mistakes and i will welcome them home with open arms.  much the same way in which my heavenly father is with me. 

being a parent has taught me more about God than i could ever imagine.  maybe he gave me these two wild bundles to bring me closer to Him.  to understand Him and to learn in some mild way the way that He loves me.


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