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making time…

on July 28, 2004

i like to think of myself as a crafty person.  i enjoy creating things with my hands and especially giving them to other people. 

because of the two monsters that i gave birth too, people often ask me where i find the time to be crafty…  especially to knit and to crochet.  but, that's my refuge.  that's my yoga.  that's my meditation.

when that yarn is moving smoothly through my fingers, and becoming a piece of material, the soft clacking of my knitting needles lulls me into a sense of peace.  i am such a tactile person.  i have always enjoyed the way things feel, so when i knit, i am using the sense of touch more than anything.

creating is what soothes me.  my mind calms down, my breathing relaxes, and i can actually feel the muscles in my back relax as well.  i reconnect with myself.

knitting is something that i do for myself.  some people jog, some people drink…  some people play music.  i knit. 

so, i guess the question is not how can i find time to knit, but how can i NOT find time to knit?


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