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peterborough flood 2004

on July 17, 2004

 what an amazing thing to wake up to on thursday morning!  although, we had no idea that anything had even happened until we got several panicked phone calls from friends and family. 

thankfully, no one was injured, but the damage to property is in the extreme.  they aren't even putting an estimate on what the damage total will come to.  downtown peterborough, the george street area, was hit particularly hard, but the entire city has washouts and some good damage to the roads.

the main road near our place was gushing over the sides of the road…  absolutely poring.  ja braved it enough to bike through it on his way home from work yesterday!!

the little stream and culvert just behind our building that we usually make fun of for being so woosy was gushing like a fire hose on thursday and friday. 

the pic i have posted here is thanks to al, but dan eagleton has posted a vast array of photos at different stages during the flood.

apparently we will remain in a state of emergency until at least monday, but some parts of the city are already starting to show few signs of this ever happening…  aside, of course, from the huge piles of wet carpet and ruined furniture on the side of the road!


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