Hooligan Zoo

Two Zookeepers… many Hooligans… It's always feeding time at this zoo!

the last one.

on July 14, 2004

this week seems to be having a lot of “lasts” in it.  the last
time i breastfed ephraim, the last time to take my
anti-depressants…  hmmm…  i guess that's it really,
although, in our house those are two very significant events!

i went to the movies last night with my good friend connie.  we saw the notebook and it was so amazing.  laughed, cried, was not disappointed by the ending at all… 

but, once again, i digress.  so, i took my last pill today
i'm a bit antsy about going off of them, but i'm sure that it's all in
my head.  no pun intended.  i have such an amazing support
group of family and friends, and so many people praying for me that i'm
sure i'll be fine. 

as for my little baby boy who is not
really a baby any longer….  i was really only nursing him the
past week for my sake.  he wasn't too interested.  happier
with crawling around with a bottle hanging out of his mouth!!  why
is it that when we're young we want to grow up, and when we're older,
we want to be young again?  he's also not too interested in baby
food anymore.  despite the fact that the poor guy still has no
teeth!  it's amazing what they can gum up and swallow without
teeth!  he even had steak a little while ago!!

so, while
this week has some lasts, it is also the start of some new
things.  ephraim really starting to walk, keyzia spelling her name
out loud…  the end of things doesn't really seem to be the
end.  it's really just the beginning of new things, new steps and
new stages.  i can look forward to that.


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