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a haircut to save a life…

on June 22, 2004

my horrible terrible beautiful daughter is a hideous beast at the moment.  everything is a huge fight with her, and i mean everything!!  from getting dressed, to watching tv, i try and choose my battles wisely or else everything is going to be a battle.  if you looked in one of those ridiculous textbooks about stages and children, and looked under terrible twos, you would see a giant blow up picture of my daughter.

as most of you know, from the moment she was born she has had this incredibly beautiful full head of hair.  until recently, i had very little trouble sitting her down, combing it, and putting it in all kinds of different things.  now, however, it is a huge battle…  and, as soon as i get the elastic in and free her, she takes it out.  that was when ja and i decided to get it cut off.

auntie jessie and i took her to magicuts, and the woman there was fabulous…  let keyzia sit on my lap, we fed her smarties, and she actually did a not too bad job of sitting still!  i cannot believe how she looks like a completely different child…

so, while it's still a battle to comb her hair, it's only a five minute battle…  and, she doesn't have to have it put up for it to stay out of her face.  ja thinks she looks like julie andrews from the sound of music.  her haircut is really growing on me…  her gramma and grampa aren't too stuck on it, but pake and oma really like it.  i kind of think that it will be pretty much grown back out by christmas anyways, and maybe by then she will also be grown out of some of this terrible twos!


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