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naming day…

on June 14, 2004

so, we got this new fish, and he's still alive after three days, which is very encouraging, and we had to name him….  this is what the naming went a little bit like…

momma:  what do you want to name the new fish, keyzia?

keyzia:  hmmmmmmmm….

momma:  how about flipper?

keyzia:  noooo, no flipper!

daddy:  how about bob?

keyzia:  nooo, not bob!

momma:  how about puddles?

keyzia:  noooo, not puddles!

keyzia:  how about franklin?  nooo, not franklin!  franklin's not a fishie!

daddy:  how about thomas?

keyzia:  nooo, not thomas!  thomas is a train!

momma:  hmmm, what are we going to name this fishie?

keyzia:  nemo!!

momma:  not nemo, nemo went back to the ocean, remember?

keyzia:  how bout dory? 

daddy:  you want to name the new fishie dory?

keyzia:  yah!  dory!

and dory it is.


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