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is having to poop a good excuse??

on June 9, 2004

i have been having a really hard time getting my daughter, my
beaustiful sweet little hideous two year old to go to bed.  at any
time.  it doesn't matter if it's nap time or if it's bed
time.  she already knows how to come up with every excuse in the

first, she usually has to pee…  and, because she's still so new
to the toilet thing, we take her…  the first time.  then
she'll tell us she has to pee again….  five minutes later! 
when that doesn't work, five minutes after that she'll tell us she has
to poo.  so, again, we take her, i mean, you never know, she
really might have to go, and, sometimes she does. 

i have also learned that either complete quiet from the bedroom, or
hysterical laughter are both bad things.  one day she completely
emptied all of her brothers clothing from the baby cupboard and threw
it in his crib.  on top of him.  they both thought it was
hilarious.  i, however, was not so amused.

but, the excuses keep coming at bedtime,

“i need a hug.”
“i want my cuppa.”
“cover up me.”
“what was that big noise?”  ((it was probably a mouse sneezing out in the field by the apartment))

and, we keep putting her back to bed.  on and on and on it
goes.  when she has a good night, ephraim doesn't.  i really
think that they're conspiring against me.


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