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no eye surgery necessary!!

on June 3, 2004

we took ephraim to the ophthalmologist today to have his left eye checked out…  since he was born he's had a blocked tear duct.  it kept getting infected, so we kept getting eye drops to put in it, then it would heal for a while, then get infected again!!  very annoying!! 

the last time we had him into our family doctor to get it checked out he referred us to a specialist and told us that he was probably going to have to get the tear duct surgically repaired to prevent the build up from happening.

of course, right after that visit to our doctor, and after a few rounds of eye drops, the eye cleared up and has been great for about a month now.  but, we figured since we had the appointment anyways, we would go and get him checked out.

the ophthalmologist was great with ephraim…  checked him over totally, and was very nice with us as well.  explained everything thoroughly, and then said if ephraim was his son, he wouldn't let anyone touch him!  while the duct is smaller that usual, it seems to have healed itself in the past two or three week!  thank you God!  i wasn't too terribly worried about it which is unusual for me, but i am still so thankful that he doesn't need the surgery.

and, it turns out he doesn't need glasses either.  what could be better?


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