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"it's coming out!"

on May 19, 2004

so, the potty training is going really well…  keyzia is only in diapers at night, and even then she wakes up when she pees, poor kid…  she's usually devestated that she peed!  anyways, her fascination with body parts seems to know no bounds…  we even had an argument over whether she could pee standing up…

this is a konversation with keyzia that ja had a little while ago while she was sitting on the toilet….

keyzia:  it's coming out, daddy!

daddy:  it's coming out?

keyzia:  it's coming out my penis!!

daddy:  you don't have a penis, honey, you have a vagina.

keyzia:  i have a gina?

daddy:  yup.

keyzia:  my gina's empty now daddy.

 this child never fails to amuse us with her comments and stories!  it really is amazing. 



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