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all drains lead to the ocean.

on May 19, 2004

well, keyzia got a fish named nemo
for her birthday (thankyou VERY much, auntie russell!).  now, i
know nothing about fish.  absolutely nothing.  but, i was
assured that this would be easy.  all i had to do was take out a
cup of water every day and put a new cup in, and follow the directions
on the fishfood jar.  i mean, i could do that, couldn't i???

anyways, several mistakes were made…  and the two major ones are as follows:

  • i
    thought it might be nice to put the fish bowl where keyzia could see
    it, so it got a nice place on the bookshelf right at her
    eyelevel.  and, it would get the nice morning sun too! 
    little did i know, fish don't like direct sunlight!
  • i followed
    the directions on the fish food jar, which are, “goldfish should be fed
    several times daily.  feed no more than your fish will consume in
    five minutes…  avoid overfeeding.”  avoid
    overfeeding?  how do you know when you're overfeeding?  does
    that mean when you put more food in than your fish can consume in five
    minutes is overfeeding?  anyways, i digress.  i fed the fish
    “several times daily”  which i have since learned is a little too
    much.  i guess they only really need one flake every couple of

so, nemo started swimming around upside down.  i
thought that was kind of weird, but he was still swimming, and he would
flip himself right side up so that he could eat “several times daily,”
and i didn't think too much of it.  then, he started hanging out,
upside down, by his little plastic plant.  as if the plant was
holding him down.  then, two weeks to the day after we got him,
auntie russell came over and said he was dead!  just that morning
he had had a big breakfast, but by the time she got here, he was dead!

nemo took a trip down the drain to the ocean.  because, after all, all drains lead to the ocean!

good thing i have better luck with kids….


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