Hooligan Zoo

Two Zookeepers… many Hooligans… It's always feeding time at this zoo!

the birds and the bees…

on May 14, 2004

an early morning konversation with keyzia…

keyzia:  i have my gina, momma.

momma:  that's right, you have a vagina.

keyzia:  what do you have, momma?

momma:  i have a vagina too.

keyzia:  you have a gina too?  i have a gina too!

momma:  that's right!

keyzia:  daddy doesn't have a gina.

momma:  he doesn't?  what does daddy have?

keyzia:  daddy has a penis.  and ephraim.  i don't have a penis.  hey, caillou's on!!

i'm glad that she cleared all that up for me.


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