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when did this happen??

on April 7, 2004

my little boy.  my little baby boy.  so cuddly, so adorable,
blond as can be…  he's pretty much crawling now!! 

everyone tells you when your first baby is born to cherish every moment
because it goes so quickly.  usually, especially if that baby is
colicky, all you do is pray for it to go quickly….  and yet, as
i watch my baby boy bouncing and smiling and squealing at his big
sister, i ache for the moments when he would simply curl in my arms,
soaking up the love and gazing at me adoringly.

there is nothing like holding a new baby in your arms.  and, there
is nothing like watching that new baby grow and develop and become this
amazing child.  a little
person who knows what he likes, what he dislikes…  a little
person who takes in and absorbs everything that you do.

in my life before children, i always said i would never be a stay at
home mom.  and now, i wouldn't give it up for any amount of money
in the world.  i love being the one who sees the first step, hears
the first word…  i love being the one who my children wake up to
see in the morning.  my life is wonderful, and i thank God
everyday for all of the blessings that he has given me.

so, grow ephraim!  crawl!  and i will keep on loving every moment every day that i have you!!


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