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knitting baskets and doodads…

on March 21, 2004

i had a dilemma….  not only do i have children, but i have
cats.  this creates a problem for storing current projects, yet
keeping them handy by my chair.  so, al
and i were searching for a covered wicker basket to keep by my
chair.  something that the cats especially can't get into. 
alas, after much searching, we could not find a covered basket,
although we did find several very nice uncovered baskets.  al had
the brilliant idea to just make a wooden cover for the basket that we
liked, so off we went to nag my hubby to find us a suitable piece of
wood.  he managed to find a scrap piece that was just about
perfect, i had some pretty green corduroy material, and voila!! 
this is the result!  and,
just to fancy it up a little, we added loops on the inside of the lid
to hold my crochet case and my knitting needle case!  how fabulous is this?


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