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my great aunt joyce…

on February 2, 2004

my great aunt joyce needs a bribe.  a bribe to make my daughter a sweater…

“By Monday at 8 a.m., that is Feb 2, who ever e-mailed me the best bribe was going to get a sweater knit for their daughter that is home made by Great Great Aunt Joyce.”

so, here's a little tidbit of what a fabulous aunt my great aunt joyce is.

she makes the most beautiful knitted and crocheted things…  i think we must have about six or seven great aunt joyce blankets!  she has made both ephraim and keyzia gorgeous baby blankets.  something that they will be able to pass on to their own children one day.  in fact, i still have my great aunt joyce baby blanket that keyzia uses on occasion!

great aunt joyce is one of the kindest sweetest people that i know.  she is always interested in my life, and always willing to support us in any and all ways.  jason loves her cooking….  and no one makes jello like aunt joyce!

she is a wonderful caring person, and we have all been incredibly blessed to have her in our lives.


how's that for a suck up?  it wasn't too hard to write either because it's all true!


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