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the flu strikes again…

on January 19, 2004

and i thought i had missed it.  i thought that this was the one thing my husband and daughter would spare sharing with me.  and yet, alas, as i sit here in a fog blogging about being in a fog, the flu is with me.

it started with keyzia a week ago yesterday.  she was up all night throwing up, crying…  etc, etc…  while i hate it when she's sick, the cuddling aspect of the usual whirlwind 'bumblebee' is kind of nice…  although maybe not at 3 in the morning.

then, tuesday at lunch ja came home and stayed home.  had a huge nap with his still ill daughter, and i got to take care of two sick babies. 

everyone seemed well on the mend when on friday, after a busy day, and expected company for dinner, to me came the not so elusive flu.  do i wish that i had gotten a free flu shot?  yes, i must admit i do!  not only did i have to go to bed while company was here, but we had a crazy saturday planned as well!

so, saturday happened as i seem to have been granted a reprieve from the flu for a day and a half. but, there will be no playgroup for us this morning, as the flu rears it's ugly head in my body once again.

i thought moms weren't allowed to get sick?


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