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worst walmart trip ever.

on December 16, 2003

i got there, got a spot really mega close…. in the first row! thought, this is great, ran into my friend tracy, got the stuff i needed, even went through the toy section… then, kids are starting to get fussy, so it was time to go…. and i hear… “attention all walmart customers, just to inform you that our debit machines are now down and we don't know when they will be working again.” WHAT!!!! so, i hit their stupid machine, wait ten minutes to use it, and paid the extra 1.50, ephraim's now in my arms, keyzia is saying “out, momma”, and i am about to have a nervous breakdown. try and find a line, they all suck, but i ended up behind my friend ange…. ephraim still crying, keyzia wanting to grab everything in sight, wanting her cuppa, try to get her some juice, all they have is pop. and on and on and on. finally about to pay, and keyzia knocks all the stupid at&t cards down (why do they put them on the exact level of the kids in carts???????????????????). pay, get everyone bundled up again, and some $%#@ head parked mega close to my car. pretty much had to put keyzia in sideways in order to get her in.
i am never going to walmart again. at least not without al!!!!!!


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