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oooooooooo, wooly….

on December 5, 2003

i've been going a little crazy with knitting lately…. and a bit of crocheting too!! i finally finished my scarf, which is so long and soft, i absolutely love it… and i've been working on a bunch of different things too. i just got some ofpaton's allure and it is absolutely beautiful. i'm using the sapphire, but i really want to try amethyst. it is so rich looking! i've also been using bernat's eyelash. i kind of made a crazy hat out of it, but i'm not sure if i'm happy with it. i think it's a little too floppy. the eyelash isn't really stiff enough to hold it's shape. one of my fellow knitting girlfriends has done some beautiful work in the boa. this stuff doesn't really look like much until it's worked up, but worked up it is gorgeous. so sofisticated looking.
i am absolutely in LOVE with the bernat cotton tots. the colours are SO yummy! and it works up like an absolute dream. especially to crochet. i'm going to try knitting it next to see how that goes….
would love to hear about any other kind of different yarn…. especially stuff that isn't too pricey!


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