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Two Zookeepers… many Hooligans… It's always feeding time at this zoo!

can't win for… sleeping?

on November 14, 2003

my children are involved in a conspiracy. yes, i know, they are only 19 months and 2 months, in fact, you are probably thinking that the 2 month old can't even talk yet! how could they possibly be involved in a conspiracy??
personally, i think it started when ephraim was still in the womb. i think he and keyzia somehow figured out a way to communicate, and now, there's no way i can win. after all, there's only one of me, and there's two of them!
ephraim started sleeping for somewhere between 5 and 8 hours a night…. woohoo!! that's truly amazing! and, pretty much the same night, keyzia STOPPED sleeping through. so, no sleep for momma, that's what that means. sigh.
well, only about 20 more years, then maybe i can have a nap.


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